Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to add/ create additional pages?
 A: log in to your blogger account, click Design link, Posting tab (first button tab from left to right) you will notice sub-tabs  New Post  | Edit Post | Edit Pages   , a new window opens with your current pages (if you have), click add New Page button... You can add up to 10 stand-alone pages such as an "About Me" page. 
Add Page List gadget to link pages on your blog. You can set options for allowing comments or not from the Post Options tab (bottom left of the editing window)

Q: How to link pages new pages?
 A: If you do not want to use the automatic gadget (you cold chose for pages to be displayed in the header section of your blog, or side bar, depending on your blog layout left/right footer.... )
    Also you could link the manually, after publishing the new page, copy the http:// address an create a link using simple text anchor or  image.
the correct image button code link:
<a href="http://your url's new page" target="_self" title="name of your page"><img src=".../image.jpg" alt="name of your image"></a>
"_self" -tells browser in what way to open the new link
self - same window
blank - new window

in construction


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